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Purpose of The System!

"Kontrol Burda" occupancy monitoring system is basically a safe journey control and warning system for the driver and the occupants thanks to the sensors and smart modules installed to the occupant seats in the school service vehicles.
The purpose of the system is to provide instantaneous feedback to the driver by sensing whether a seat in the vehicle is occupied and whether the seat belt is fastened by also ensuring the safety of the passenger during the trip.
One of the most significant features of the system is that it provides audible or visual warnings to the driver by detecting whether the seats are occupied via sensors immediately after the vehicle is brought to park position.
While the vehicle is parked, "Kontrol Burda" occupancy monitoring system checks the vehicle interior periodically and warns the driver and immediate surroundings by increasing the level of warning gradually if a passenger is left inside the vehicle.
Thus, we aim to prevent some unfortunate losses we have experienced in our country recently from recurring and to ensure that our little children are transported safely.

7 Reasons to Use


Type E24-Approved

Kontrol Burda products are produced with Type E24 10R05/01-2530-00 licenced.


Quick Installation

Kontrol Burda Seat Tracking System can be installed in a very short time period by the advantage of system's small sized components.



Usage of the system and its interface has designed demanding of user experiences.


Wide Service Network

As a corporate brand we provide our costomers wide range of installation, maintenance and service points.


11 Years Of Experience

Seat tracking system is a product of 11 years experienced of Veldo Teknoloji.


Customer Satisfaction

With Veldo Teknoloji's customer oriented service, 7/24 "Happy Customers"


Competitive Price

We are also unrivalled by the advantage of our market-realistic price policy.